Do you understand the meaning of interrogation? Imagine a scenario of Me in a very intimidating leather outfit, collaring you and detaining you in “the holding tank”, leaving you there for hours, even days with nothing but a dog bowl of water and kibble.

Here is your assignment. You will have a cage to lock yourself in. You will purchase a call with me and I will send you a combination lock. I will have the combination. i will send you a series of questions and answers. What determines the time you get out of the cage is the number of questions answered right.

In the mean time, your slutty little self will practice the art of pleasing your mistress and passing interrogation. Interrogation questions goes as such: How long have you been a pathetic slave? Why do you think you ended up in such a predicament? How will you get yourself out of this predicament? Certainly you would not expect it to be so easy to escape from this can you expediate your release?

These are all the interrogation questions you need to address, but there are many more. Once you are in my web, how do you expect to escape if you fail?

Here is a real time scenario: I take you dressed in rubber suit to a dungeon. you are placed in a cage. I lock the cage. you are left maybe for hours as I play with other slaves> I come back and unlock the cage. Are you happy, are you ready to please and be the slave you aspire to be?

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