I have a sweet, simple assignment for all you delicious little pain lovers. All you need is your hand, some lube, a large wooden spoon and a table or hard surface. I call this little exercise the Pummel Prick. I want you to strip down, I don’t want one bit of clothing between you and I. I want you exposed, vulnerable and eager to be completely dominated by your exacting Mistress. It can get very intense. So while you’re experimenting with the level of pain you’re comfortable with, keep that in mind.

I want you to position yourself upon the hard surface sitting up with your nut sack flush upon the surface. Alternatively, if you prefer to stand and wank, you can stand with your balls against a table at the correct height. You can also sit down upon a cutting board for the same effect. Now lube up your cock. Start by slowing palming your cock and balls. Now pound your meat hard and fast with your fist slamming your balls for ten strokes. Now slow down and tease your fingers up the shaft for ten light and airy strokes. Reach down and caress your balls and prepare them for the next pummeling.

Continue in sets of ten for half an hour alternating between ball beating jerks and sensual, loving strokes. I want you to feel the contrast between the pain and the pleasure. At the half hour mark, pound your cock for 15 strokes, then 5 soft strokes. Keep at it for another half hour pausing when you’re feeling too close to the edge. When an hour of ball pounding fun has passed, listen to the audio to find out what’s in store next.

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