Lifestyle Mistress knows CBT sluts. On our stroking calls when I instruct you how to use your off-hand, I am testing the waters, to see just what kind of slut you are. If when I order you to wrap your fingers around the top of your ball sac, like a cock ring and pull it – your reaction is noted.

That little moan is like a switch that turns on the twisted side of my brain, and drives me to ramp it up. As you continue to stroke up and pull down, I’ll list some household items you can fetch for me. That sharp intake of breath really tells much about your present state of mind – and I know you will scurry.

Oh no precious, I don’t mind if you put down the phone to gather up some fun additions to our play session. I’ll just sit here in my big black leather chair and smile. Maybe even hum a little tune, and guess what you will bring for my amusement.

I start the timer and tell you to take your hands off your meat, and to get a move on.

Chucking, I can hear you opening doors and draws, stubbing your toe as you hurry back to grab up the receiver. Near panting you say – Mistress? Clicking off the timer and announcing your time I ask what you have brought back from your run around the house.

Breathlessly you stutter out a long list, that I allow you to go on, till I hear clothespins. That will do slut – that bag of clothespins will do just fine. Count them and check each one, by clipping them one by one, on your nipple.

Oh yes, each little ouch you spit out, just makes Mistress, more excited.

Now pile them up and sit on your hands. When at last your dick goes down, click the banner and we can begin.

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