Remember I am into electroplay with an ErosTex device. I have decided that you will be a lab rat, placing the electro pads on the back of your hands, and on the inside of the wrists. As always, it’s important to not use electro above the waist, if you have implanted electric devices, ( pacemakers, defibulators, drug pumps, etc). not to be used with heart conditions , brain disorders, seizures, etc. In other words, dont use electro if you have health conditions.
This is a cock stroking excercise. Dice determine the number of edges you will do for me, each edge culminating with a shock. This will hopefully condition chronic masturbators to be more efficient in their stroking. You will learn not to cum, to receive cumming as a reward after you have finished the circuit. There are 15 settings on the device. Im hoping that you roll 12 . Audio loud , audio waves, audio soft are to be ignored, as well as user. All the other settings will be used, minus a few if you roll a small number.
As you begin the edge, the control is on low and escalates throughout. The more intense the stroke and the closer you come to orgasm the higher it gets. Finally it is at it’s peak when you are at the edge. Two minute breaks are allowed between. The final edge you still will not be allowed to cum. After this edge you will be allowed to take the pads off and stroke to an orgasm. I’ll bet you will last longer than imagined.

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