Hello bottom feeder. I’m Princess Britany, your condescending little valley girl with totally awesome feet. I call you a bottom feeder because this little princess demands foot and shoe worship. You will need to brush up your skills before you can ever think of serving me.
A bottom feeder must learn the art of foot massage with fragrant essential oils. This includes a spa treatment with a sugar scrub, hot towels, rich emollient lotion, and of course, a perfectly applied salon pedicure. Every brush stroke must be perfect or you see the bottom of the princess foot grinding in your bottom feeding face. Then the bottom feeder has the tedious task to blow that polish dry so princess can model all of her shoes, using the bottom feeder as a ramp to walk on. That is, after he has polished each and every one of them to perfection.
Is the bottom feeder thirsty? Refreshment is arranged with one of princess’s sweaty gym socks covering the top of the glass. This way the bottom feeder will have the pleasure of princess essence while he enjoys his drink. If the bottom feeder is worthy, he will be allowed to be a bath mat after princess takes her long and leisure bubble bath. As the night moves one, princess gets more and more aggressive, using the bottom feeder as human furniture, trampling the foot boy, forcing the foot in his mouth, and he has been an exceptional bottom feeder, she will touch his cock with one toe, and laugh of course.
This is foot and shoe worship 101. Memorize and practice on your Mistress!

Domination sessions with Princess Britany 800-601-6975