As a Lifestyle Mistress, and the one in charge of all things sexual, I am accustomed to submissives that follow the House Rule # 12 – Announce Your Orgasms. So you can imagine how annoying it is, when my callers just blow a load, without regards to my wishes and desires.

House Rule #12 is about to become Caller Rule #1, on our sweet and nasty phone sex calls. Let’s get back to explaining to you the nuisances of the Announce Your Orgasm Rule. Hands off your meat, while Mistress is speaking, stroker slut, you will need all your brain- power to follow – no need getting distracted.

You might ask. When does the bottom follow this rule? Why, each and every time, unless otherwise commanded – of course. And not some soft little sigh of a declaration, when you should know Mistress wants to hear it loud and clear.

No matter if you are gagged, or that your mouth is stuffed with cock, you WILL grunt out the Announcement – AS IT HAPPENS. Sure, sure you can grind and wiggle and tell me with your body, that you are ready to trip over the edge of passion. Shoot slut, I can read you like a dime store novel.

Rule #12 is all about Mistress. A Mistress who finds the words, “Your slut is cumming”, sweet music to her ears.

Yet time and time again, selfish you just blow your load in your hand, forgetting the Rule that will please your Mistress most.

It must be time to practice Rule #1 for stroker sluts. You may touch yourself again, and listen to your Mistress’ instructions, by clicking the banner.

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