Hello all of you little sluts.  Are you ready to serve your Mistress?  I am going to use, abuse you, and laugh at your sorry ass for my amusement.  Make sure you print out these instructions so you do not fuck it up like a dumb ass.  I want you to find the lyrics to the song “I Feel Pretty” and print them out.  You will be bringing the lyrics and instructions print out with you on your wonderful trip for your assignment.

The first part of your assignment is I want you to go to an adult book store.  This adult book store must sell lingerie and have masturbation booths.  At the adult book store you will purchase a 5 inch butt plug.  Now pick out a pretty pair of pink panties and a sexy teddy.  This is going to be your new outfit to put on in the masturbation booth.

Purchase your new items slut.  Now you are ready to go into a masturbation booth.  Pop in a quarter to watch a movie.  If you are lucky it will be gay porn.  Strip down naked and put on your lingerie.  Take the but plug out of the box, lube it up, and stick it in your ass.

You are all dressed up and penetrated like a good slut.  You look so pretty in your lingerie.  Do not rub your cock yet.  Take out the “I Feel Pretty” lyrics that you printed up and took with you.  Get down on your knees.  Take the heel of your right foot and hit the butt plug with it.  Start to ride up and down on it as you sing.  As long as you sing the song you get to stroke.  That’s a good girl. Sing about how pretty you feel as you wack off slut.  Sing the lyrics 3 times in a row.  Once you are done you get to go home.  You must leave the lingerie on though under your clothes and the butt plug must stay in your little ass.

Listen to the recording to hear your fate after you get back home.  You are not allowed to cum without permission.  So be a good slut and listen to it now to find out your fate.

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