Empress JosephineHow could I ever forget that rush of power I felt the first time a strong and intelligent man dropped to his knees ready to serve me at any capacity I see fit? It is a stupid woman that allows such a rare and precious moment to escape her.  If she would only wake up to the fact that she could own his soul and he would worship and adore her forever.  Rather than deny and ridicule his fetishes she learns to study him, understand him and find the things that excite him the most.  Not so that she can become his sexual servant but so that she can weave a manipulative plan to make him her puppet.  She teases him with the things he loves the most, makes his cock rock hard and then subtly penetrates his unconscious to form an addiction.

Sure, I’ll play his kinky games like no one else can. I’ll make him shake with pleasure and just when I know have him hooked the real games begin.  I take complete control of his cock.  No other woman can affect him the way I can and once he learns his cock will lead him anywhere I want him to go.  I then make him beg and grovel for even the slightest bit of attention for me.  When he disappointments me I punish him.  I can make a grown man cry like a baby simply by denying him.  That IS the art of female domination.

So go ahead lover…tell me what makes you rock hard. Whisper to me the secret fantasies you haven’t shared with anyone.  Let me be your seductress, your Goddess and the owner of your soul.

Call me, Goddess Josephine at 800-601-6975 or visit my personal blog at www.femdomphonesexlover.com