Prepare yourself for Sissification Training at my all Girl’s Academy.  The ladies are ready to make you over completely and force you to live full time as a girl.  I am an old fashioned Mistress.  Spare the rod and spoil the sissy.  I believe in spanking my pupils to keep them in line.  You will be forced to wear a chastity belt.  There will be absolutely no unsupervised masturbation in my academy.  Chastity Training will teach you discipline.  I will break you sissy.  I am the Cock Tease Femdom and will teach you how to even do the naughty things in a feminine manner.

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How many transgendered males fantasize about growing up as a real girl?  Do you wish you could have gone to school as a girl?

Your mother is disapointed that her boy is living a lie.  I run a tight ship at the Academy.  It is a all girl’s Academy.  You will be expected to wear the uniform and behave accordingly.  There are rumors about my Acedamy.  Well your mother can rest easy that those rumors do not even tell the whole story.  Here at my Acedamy you be exploited and forced to live full time as a girl.  She wants you properly trained to be as girly as possible.  If you are caught doing anything masculine at anytime you will be sternly punished.

Now you will have to wait until tomorrow to hear more about the all girl’s Academy my pet.  This is but a small taste for what I have planned for you sweetie.  I never reveal all of my secrets forth with.  I will make you beg and plead for more.

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