There are boys who just can not stop themselves from wearing women’s panties.  There are also panty boys who love to sneak on a pair of dirty panties after the woman he adores wears them.  You fantasize about wearing my panties especially after I have been with my boy friend.  You want to taste me after I have had sex with him.  So quit lying to me that you are a stud who only wants to stroke your cock.  You are a naughty panty boy.  I will make you my own personal cuckold slave.  Now be a good cuckie and tell your Mistress Sarah everything.

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I will make a girl out of you yet panty boy.

“I wonder if Mistress Sarah knows my secret.  I love listening to her audios and fantasizing that these are her dirty panties that I put on.  I am afraid to tell her I am really a panty boy.  I call her up and stroke my cock.  I wonder if she knows.  I’ve heard her giggle at me with a bitchy comment that I sounded like a pussy boy.  Oh my Goddess she must know.  Why do I feel like she knows what I am thinking now.  I wonder if she knows I am rubbing myself through these panties thinking about tasting her after she has been with her boy friend.”

Does this sound like you panty boy?  If so then you are amongst the thousands of other little panty boy sluts that need strict discipline.  You will start by taking you first step to accepting your role as a cucky.  Now give me a call now and be a good cucky.  If you are a good cucky you might get to wear these panties of mine soon.

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