Hello grunts, heavy breathers, beater boys and the like. Guess who’s back in town? That’s right your ever lovin, fun, (well its fun for me) Cock Commander Mistress Ashley is ready to settle in and get you back to work! The first thing you can do for me is strip down to your skivies. Thats right everything off but your shorts or panties whatever the case may be! Now crawl around on all fours and “bark” like a dog for my amusement. What kind of a “woof” was that? You’re a bigger dog than that now “BARK!” Better, much better you lazy fuck! I see, I go on a bit of a sabatical and you fall apart. Let me remind you who is boss around here, now bend over and grab those knees. Are you sweating already you dimwit? Maybe a good swift kick to your ass with my high heel will help you to remember who runs this show! Stand back up and fall in! Now I have been on my feet all day and would like to see if you are capable of giving me a footbath. Are you up to the challenge soldier? Show Me!!! You may begin by licking the souls of my feet. Now along the sides and in between each toe. Tell me how fragrant they are and how they drive you mad! You may now reach for your dildo private and lube it up good. Imagine its my high heel as you bring it to your mouth and suck it down. There just may be some use for you. Now bend over your bunk while I plan a sneak attack with my strap on straight up your ass! Work that dildo feverishly for the next 15 minutes and then you may click below for my message to you!

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