Hello there submissive slut. I know you’ve been wanting to test your pain threshold just as much as I have. Tonight, I want to push you past all your limits. Get a bag of clothespins, a box of rice (don’t cook it, lol), a tube of Ben Gay and a wooden spoon. Have you gathered your supplies? Good little slave. Now get completely naked and open the box of rice. Make sure you’re on a hardwood or linoleum floor, if all you have is carpet, get a yoga mat to spread the kernels over. I want you to make a space to kneel on, then cover it with the rice grains. Now kneel. I know you feel the bite on your shins and knees, but it’s my desire that you learn to enjoy the pain of your domination sessions. There’s a very fine line between pleasure and pain and I want you to walk it for your Mistress. You want to please me, don’t you? Thought so… So are you ready for more, painslut?

Take the clothespins out. Now let’s see how many you can fit on your ballsack. Pinch up small pieces of scrotal skin and pinch the clothespin around it. Keep doing this in a way that maximizes your testicular space for the biting clothespins. After you’ve fit as many as you can around your balls, take your worthless cock in your hand and stroke it for me. Harder, harder, edge it, but don’t cum. I know your balls are tightening up and it’s pulling the pins tight. I know kneeling on the rice is hurting you, slut, but you can take a little more for Mistress, can’t you? Pick up the wooden spoon and beat your balls with it until all the clothespins are off. Now liberally coat your cock and balls for me with the Ben Gay… and let’s play does the painslut get to cum. Click the link below to see!

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