Let me tell you about what I do to a younger brother who is a panty boy.  I started his sissy training and now that he is ready for College it is going even further.  You are a sissy who should be all the girl that you can be.  You maybe blushing but you are now my little sister.  You will just have to bear this sissy humiliation but you will be much happier.  Do not worry little sister.  I will take care of you.

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As your older sister I think I should take care of you.  You have never really been a boy.  You think you are my brother but I am about to turn you into my little sister.  I made an appointment for you to go to an all girl’s College in order to register.  It is a Catholic School so you will have to wear the appropriate uniform.  Now you are so lucky to have an older sister like me.  I will teach you how to dress up like a real girl.  I want you to be happy and live full time as a girl.  This will let you be one full time.  It is so funny that my little brother is becoming my little sister.  I caught you wearing my panties and trying on my clothes.  I told you that I would help you become a real girl.  Didn’t I?

Look at your outfit though.  You can not be allowed to dress up like that.  This is an all girls school.  You need to dress like a girl.  Let me get you ready for your appointment.  We will need to go shopping for some new clothes for you.  You need a whole new wardrobe though since you will be living full time as a girl little sister.

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