I have very high standards for the type of man I have sex with.  I hear a lot of talk from guys with small to average sized cocks who still have the delusion that they could get some where with me in real life.  Let me save you a lot of time bitch.  Even a man with a 8 inch cock or larger still might not live up to my standards.  So, if your dick is less than 8 then you are at the bottom of the food chain here boy toy.  I love it when a guy tells me his cock is 4 or 5 inches.  I have to laugh at him and ask if that is the size soft or hard.  Some times the idiots try to cover it up by saying oh that is soft.  As if I would fall for that you stupid fucker.  Small penis humiliation is about getting some attention to your pathetic cock.  Otherwise you would not get any at all now would you.  A small penis is useless to me until you understand your role in life.  Then you become very useful.  Your cute little penis will be loads of fun for entertainment for my friends and I.  I have learned that most men with small cocks fantasize about strap on training.  I think it is because they can not penetrate a woman so of course they are curious at what it really feels like to get it deep.  It is fun making a pussy boy like you put on a pair of my panties.  I will make you prance around in them like a pretty girl in front of.  Get to shaking your little ass slut.  Show me how cute your little bulge is in the front.  Small penis fuckers deserve sissification.

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Small Penis Humiliation, Strap on Training, and Sissification

There are still a lot of pussy boy fuckers out there who think that they are still studs.  No you are not.  This is your lot in life so get used to it bitch.  Get on your knees and beg to kiss my ass.  If you ask me to fuck you then I might just do that with my strap on.