Most sissies only dream of a life as a full time sissy.  Not many get to make their dreams come true.  You hide your sissy life style and have only told a few about your true self.  Your sissy training will be taken all the way by Mistress Sarah.  You will learn how to live as a full time sissy serving me.  I will only select you for this training if you are ready to go all the way for me.  This includes sexual duties of course in addition to every thing else.  If you are not already a cock sucker then open up wide for your coerced bi training.  I will not coddle you with strap on training at first.  You will go all the way immediately.

Prepare yourself to become a full time sissy.  I am sending you to Sissy Secretary School.

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You have told me on numerous occasions at how much you dream of being a full time sissy.  I decided to take matters into my own hands.  You have held down the same boring job for many years now.

Let us face it.  You are an absolute failure as a man.  You are a sissy so quit hiding your true girly self.  I will show you off to the World.

I have arranged for you to change jobs.  All of your masculine clothes have been burnt.  You will begin your training to become a Secretary for me.  What could be better than being my secretary.  Your attire will be pleasing to my eyes.  I want you to always be my pretty little sissy.

I will of course bend you over my desk from time to time.  Prepare yourself for penetration my sissy slut.  We do have some very picky male clients.  I told them all about your services.  You will be performing fellatio on them of course slut.

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