Your Cock Tease Femdom Welcomes you to Blue Balls Hell.  Tease and Denial is a dish best served hot and cold.

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Your pain is my pleasure.  Your submission will be rewarded.  Imagine serving me on your knees.  You must earn my attention and affection.  I will unlock your submissive darker nature like a decadent flower.  You will bloom into a beautiful slave who lives to please me.

I had a slave tell me last night that he would never beg for orgasm denial.  Not even two seconds later I made him beg for another edge.  I made him beg for more teasing.  I knew he would do as I commanded.  I even laughed at him as I reminded him at what great lengths he will go through to continue to hear my voice guiding him through each stroke.

I am used to getting my way.  I do not like being told NO under any circumstances.

Anyway back to the subject at hand.  I proved my stroker boy wrong.  He wanted to earn an orgasm desperately.  My little horny fucker pleaded desperately with me.  He was willing to do just about anything.  You see he is into humiliation but has some limits.  We came up with a very naughty compromise.  I allow him an orgasm if he cums on his face for me.  He did so before on webcam for me.  He did not have his webcam on for me tonight which was disappointing but we still had fun.  I even read my entry about him on the phone during our session.  This got him all worked up.

He earned his orgasm but it came with a price.  He had to cum all over his face but was not allowed to wash it off until morning.  Imagine how dirty he felt looking in the mirror at himself the next morning.  I imagine he felt very fucking dirty.

He is not into eating his own cum.  This is a turn on for some guys and others it is a major turn off.  I always ask first before I bring it up during a session.  Nothing like ruining our fun with a major turn off.  Right!

The session ended with an explosive pleasure on both ends.  I call that a success.  I know my stroker boy will be back for more next week.

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