Here’s an assignment for those of you who like to edge and gamble.  So what I’d like you to do is play a game somewhere online – whether it’s online poker, or whatever.  It doesn’t even have to be centered around gambling – just some kind of game whether you win or lose – like checkers.  So everytime you lose the game – whether it’s a game of chance, or a game of skill – you will do something humiliating – like putting on a pair of panties, or putting on some lipstick.  Maybe you will edge yourself but not cum. If you are a pain slut, then you will take a spatula and start spanking your cock many times.  If you win – you do nothing. You just get ready to play the next round.  Doesn’t seem fair does it?  I’m the Mistress – so I make the rules, it doesn’t matter what fair is!  After 8 rounds – the last round determines whether you get to cum or not.  If you win – you get to cum. If you lose – you don’t – until the next day (or the next time) you have decided to play again.

I’d like for you to report to me your winnings and your losses, and because I’m rather evil – I’d like to hear of your losses and how much fun it is that you are doing humiliating things to yourself, and denying yourself pleasure because you across this blog post.

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So have fun and be sure to e-mail me at and also – read my blog at  I’d love to hear from you!