Hi there, slave slut. We both know it’s my mission in life to bring any filthy little whore so deserving to the lowest depths of his depraved soul… Why? you ask… because it makes me feel so powerful to know I’ve taken a lump of clay (the submissive) to places he’s never imagined, a place where pain is pleasure and denial is reward. It’s knowing he’s willing to do anything at all to please me. I promise at the end of your fem dom phone sex assignment you’ll be whimpering your pleas for mercy with flaming waves of shame and pain upon your body… not to mention the panting howls of thwarted lust. Odd how that pain-gasm sounds so very similar to the sound you make when you release… Nothing less will do, huh, butt monkey?

You’ll need some items and to shop, so prepare yourself accordingly. If you already own some high quality silk panties or briefs that are about a size too small, get them. Now take a piece of fine grit sand paper and use two way tape to the seat of the panties. Put them on, if you have them, before you shop. Now dress in some fairly tight pants. Put on shoes that are a bit too small. I want them to pinch. Wear a loose shirt so no one can see your clamped nipples beneath it. I want you to be very uncomfortable and a little bit afraid someone might catch you. Now go to an all purpose store. Go to the hardware section and pick up some smooth tipped pliers. I’m sure you’re feeling very afraid… lol. Stop over by the paint section and pick up two of the large stirrers and two of the smaller ones.

Now go to the beauty section and get a small facial scrubbing brush. Get a tube of cinnamon toothpaste and a small, soft headed toothbrush. In the Hair section get a pack of bobby pins and a large round hairbrush… bonus points if you head over to grocery and get a hand of ginger. That should be enough to take you deeper down toward sub-space, huh slut… (if I was there I’d smack your face a bit at this point, lol…) Return to your lair with shame bathing you… did they know what you were doing? Did that clerk recognize what these things could do in combination? Is that why he was smirking with you… or did he see your panty lines? Imagine me watching you as you strip down slowly before me nursing a scratched and swollen cock, knowing full well you’ll soon be using these things, your hand will be mine, I’ll be guiding it on it’s path to masochistic nirvana.

Kneel down. Take the large paint stirrer and give yourself 4 sets of 50 smacks on each cheek. I want that ass blazing red and swollen. Kneel up, pinch your nipples hard and then take the pliers and very gently pinch each nip until they ache. Now take a bobby pin and place it firmly onto each nipples. Now fit another over it so it’s clamped on all four sides. Use the small paint stirrer to smack each blazing bud. Uncap the toothpaste and coat it on the dildo. Don’t use a huge amount, just enough to feel the burn. Now slip it in, really slow while you have your ass high in the air. Fuck yourself for 5 minutes, then take the dildo out and use the hairbrush to spank each cheek 100 times. In between each set you may stroke your dicklet 10 times slowly, but you can’t cum. Alternate until you’ve edged five times for me… then click below to find what I have in store for you…

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