What would you do to get out of Chastity? Will you mail me the key or hold on to it yourself?  How long will you stay locked up for at a time?

Chastity training can be mild or extreme.  It depends on how addicted to stroking and how often you ejaculate.  How committed you are in your servitude to your Mistress.  Lock up your cock in a chastity belt will give me complete control over you.  I want you to take that extra step into cock control.

Today I will show you some examples of a more subtle approach to chastity training, tease and denial, and extreme orgasm denial training.

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A subtle approach to chastity training to enforce total ownership:

A very dedicated slave wants to feel totally owned.  I made him get a large dildo to fuck his ass with and nipple clamps before our last session last weekend.  He is into slight tease and denial.  His biggest turn ons are coerce d cum eating and masturbation humiliation.  He is not into orgasm denial.  I wanted him to experience what it feels like to be totally owned though.

My chastity program for him will be an enjoyable one for both of us.  There is not doubt we have fun during each and every session.  The more abuse I give him means he loves me more.  I will make him learn how to wear the chastity belt the day he is supposed to call.  I want to have him feel this cock lock on his dick.  He will think about how I totally own him.  Over time I will make him wear it a few days before his calls.

As I spoke with him that he calls me about once or twice a month.  This is not about long term denial.  He will deny himself for a few days (Eventually working up to a week) before his calls so that he will cum harder for our sessions.  He will have more to lick up.  Not to mention a much better orgasm.  Over time he will see how satisfying it is.

He will experience total ownership of his dick.  I will own his cock utterly.

Chastity Training can be used for extreme orgasm denial training or what I like to call domination fore play.  Just a little bit here and there to spice things up.  This is what I will be doing with my cum whore from now on.

Extreme orgasm denial training:

This is for you total hard core orgasm denial enthusiasts.  Chastity Training is probably one of the most intimate types of relationships in my opinion between a Domme and her sub.  I prefer an interview session before I being any sort of Chastity Training on any sub.  I will then decide where we go from there.

Even if it is just a fantasy you wish to make come true I will take you there.  I will teach you what type of device to get, how to wear it, how to work up to wearing it for extended periods of time.  The type of device I will pick out for you will be easy to take care of personal hygiene.  I want you to mail me that key so I can keep it for along fucking time.

Sometimes I trick a guy into wearing it short term for me.  Then tease him constantly in order to earn release.  You’re addicted to this type of play though aren’t you?  You are my slut!

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