Tease and Denial Training can be fulfilling for the Female Dominant Partner and the submissive male.  When a man learns to better control his orgasm it will also improve his sexual performance.  Let me show you how.

I have experienced this first hand being a Femdom.  I do not have vanilla relationships with men.  I have taken men who thought their sexual performance was satisfactory.  I showed them there is something better for the woman.  Through strict tease and denial training a man will learn how to hold back his ejactulation for extended periods of time.  The longer the orgasm denial training lasts means the longer the boy toy can last in the bedroom.

Listen to my audio:  You Have Been a Bad Boy MP3 by Mistress Sarah

Most men say that they care more about the woman’s satisfaction than their own.  Now sexual performance also has improved for many of my clients.  I have controlled thousands of cocks through Phone Sex Domination.  Earlier today I had a caller comment on how much better it is for the women he is with since he started his training.  It will also make you more attention to the Female Dominant partner’s desires.  It’s amazing what you will do to earn your orgasm.

I have an insatiable sexual appetite.  I am on top.  If you want to taste a more realistic side of your Mistress Sarah ask to learn what it takes to really be my boy toy.  I might show you the way to being used like a whore.

Sexual Domination is not just about getting your rocks off.  It is a whole new World to extreme pleasure and passion for women and men.

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