Orgasm Denial is a part of Domination Training.  I implement this technique on all of my personal slaves as a life style Femdom.  Chastity Training is by far the best way to ensure that the male submissive will adhere to my rules.  Long term orgasm denial takes a lot of patience for both the Dominant Female Partner and the male submissive.  When you find yourself cock locked by yours truly then you will understand what Cock Tease Femdom Torture is all about.  Let me show you how.

So you are a submissive male and are interested in taking your tease and denial training further.  Finding a life style Domme to help you with your fetish is very hard to come by.  Phone Sex Domination and key holding services has opened up many doors for subs such as yourself.  There seems to be an endless supply of Dommes on the internet advertising their expertise in Chastity Training.  Where do you begin?

You are a customer though.  I tell all of my clients interested in Chastity Training that an interview session is a requirement.  We are both going to have fun with your experience.  I am very strict though.  Do not mistake my great sense of humor and lady like manner for softness.  I am the mean Bitch who is going to lock up your fucking cock for along time.  So you better start kissing my ass now.

Do not think that just because a Domme won’t answer your every beck and call before you start your sessions that she is not for you.  Some of us just do not have patience for the needy fuckers who want to talk in private message for 3 hours every day of the month before they call the first time.

I prefer talking to my clients first before they call.  You are always welcome to private message me or email me about anything.  This helps us get the chance to learn about one another.  I enjoy a mental and emotional intimacy with my submissive boy toys.  Often a person will contact me on multiple occasions before he calls.  That is just fine by me.  Some times you get nervous.  This does not mean you adore me any less.  Does it?

Just remember that if you are interested in Chastity Training you are not alone.  I have the experience to guide you down this road slowly or quickly.  It mostly depends on your needs and personal experience.

I can not talk about chastity without mentioning you sissy sluts now can I. I say that all sissies belong in chastity.  If you want to be a girl then you need to learn how to take it like a girl.

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