Tease and denial means enduring sexual teasing stimulation without the pleasure of climax.

Tease and denial does not mean tease and delay like so many of you stroking addicts like to think.  Let me teach you what it really means.  Let me take you on a journey of true understanding my sexual empowerment over you.  Listen to the voice of your Masturbatrix echo in your mind as you give me control.  I will tie you up and use you for my satisfaction.  Well, sexual empowerment is why I got started in Domination in the first place.

Listen to my audio Masturbatrix Sarah Takes Cock Control

I will sit on your lap teasing your cock gently.  You will moan for me asking for more.

“Do you want me to stroke your cock?” I ask.

You reply, “Yes please Mistress stroke my cock.”

Make no mistake that you must learn some humility in order to submit to me.  You will remember your manners.  I always want to hear you say please to me.  I will make you love me, need me, and obsess over me.  I will control your stroking habits all the time and even when you are not on the phone with me.

“You can earn your strokes with a bit of confession.  How often have you stroked this week without permission?  How many orgasms have you had without permission?”

So, every day this week you stroked and ejaculated without my permission.  I took my boy toy’s cock in my hand and jerked him off super fast until he came.  I denied him the pleasure of orgasm denial.  I would not even give him a little cock tease that I am so famous for doing.

“You will earn your cock teasing.  If you want to serve me I want total control.  That means every day you will only stroke under my orders.  Your guided masturbation will be taken even further than ever before.  Be a good boy toy and go now.  Perhaps when you come back next time you will go the whole week without stroking once.  Then I will tease you to my heart’s content.  Only then will you be worthy of tasting me.  I will sit on your face and use you.  You are my boy toy.  That’s it boy toy.  You are on your knees already begging for a second chance.  What will I make you do to make it up to me?”

There is a lot more to tease and denial than just picking up that phone and calling me.  I will get inside of your mind.  I own you as soon you I say hello to you.  I will seduce you without you even realizing what has hit you.

Be a good boy and get on your knees.  Call Mistress Sarah for Tease and Denial Phone Sex 1-800-356-6169