Tease and Denial does not mean tease and delay.  Guided masturbation does not mean stroking your cock how you want to anyway.  Orgasm denial does not mean cumming without permission when Mistress is not looking.  Respect your Mistress and respect yourself as a sub.  Give up total control.

A submissive man is the other part of my being as a Dominatrix.  The sub helps me fulfill my needs as a Domme just as much I fulfill a subs needs to serve me.  The predatory sadist in me will find the submissive bitch in you.  Instead of being a passing fancy it will become a conscious awareness you lose control of.  I take that control.  I prefer a mental and emotional bond first with a sub.  The physical will happen when I am ready to use the sub for my own pleasure.  I have an insatiable sexual appetite that is predatory.

Giving up total control should always be done with the utmost of respect.  I will respect you as my sub.  I am very protective of the personal safety of any who serve me.  You are how ever put on this Earth to serve me.

One of the things you can do to satisfy me is by taking things further than you ever have.  Always try to push your limits.  If you are into tease and denial but wish to be rewarded with an orgasm at the end of the session then we can still push your limits.  Stop limiting yourself.  You will never be allowed to cum unless you earn it.  I will use you to orally pleasure me first before I allow you to have your own climax.  I will push you to increase your edging and control further each time.

I have owned thousands of cocks in my life time.  I will add you to my trophy case, slave.

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