The weather outside is still very cold.  We have  had quite a bit of snow here in my part of the country.  I am sure that some of you were wondering why I have had such an unpredictable schedule lately.  The internet, electricity, and phone lines have gone off on numerous occasions in my area these last few weeks.  I am very warm and all is well.  Just please be patient with your Mistress and understanding when things like this happens.  Hopefully within the next few weeks I will have a regular schedule posted once again. I have been quite happy with my change over to day shift.  I miss a lot of my regular boy toys.  I started off on days for a very long time when I started to work for Cock Control.  So many of you have been very sweet and thoughtful over the Holidays.  I’ve gotten tons of gifts, gift cards, tips, and Happy Holidays Messages.  I thank each of you sluts for being so thoughtful.

I checked my blog the other day and realized it has been a month since my last post.  I love to write.  I know that quite a few of you love my blog so perhaps I’ll make an effort to post more often.  I might just make some of my collared slaves do the writing for me.  You know who you are fuck face.  Don’t you?

I have been doing a lot of exploration into ruined orgasms lately.  My personal slave and boy friend asked me about it.  He is a younger man.  This is his first relationship as a slave.  I told him there is no other way with me.  His first few tries he slipped up hard core.  He kept on cumming.  I even had to smack his dick hard to get him to stop.  He seems to think it’s very easy.  I explained to him that during a ruined orgasm it will keep spewing out a bit.  The key is to control it though.  I am training him daily.  He experienced his first ruined orgasm a few days ago.  This left him completely sexually frustrated.  I keep him in chastity training when ever he leaves my home.  I totally own his cock.  He is constantly enjoying tease and denial from yours truly.  He has gotten so addicted to edging that denying the privilege of edging is a punishment now.  He is so broken.

Are you ready for your ruined orgasm?  Give me total ownership of your cock.  It belongs to me now.

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