Greetings chastity enthusiasts. I happen to think that chastity is the ultimate in bondage and cock control. Once a male’s orgasms are denied and monitored, his cock locked in a contraption, then he is truly mine. Males by nature love contraptions, so chastity devices suit them well. Also males are goal oriented. Once they have let got of that orgasm, they have moved on. The key is to keep them denied and checked on. Here is your assignment.
I prefer several different cocklocks with plastic locks that are numbered. An Exobelt requires two locks, so it will be tedious to tamper with two plastic locks and make them appear untampered with. One of my slaves wrote an interesting little essay on how to cheat at chastity. He has been in and out of chastity (for me) for several years now and has made these observations. Men by nature are not only goal oriented but sneaky, so they must be watched and not allowed to stroke “my” cock. The reason for different cocklocks is the amount of chafing involved. Of course you know to lubricate with a good grade organic oil every day. I prefer jojoba oil which is used for cosmetic recipes mostly. If one cocklock chafes in one area, the other will likely chafe in another. A once a week guided masturbation session without cumming is in order to take off the device, inspect, clean thoroughly, and drive the slut crazy. This is done on cam for close inspection. Now for the spot checking, and in radical programs, a 24/7 inspection.
You will have two high speed internet connections. A cable and DSL, each on different computers. If one connection goes down than the other will be sure to work. One cam program will be up at all times and in each room, especially the shower. Yahoo cam will be random spot checks, and the view my webcam feature will be on and running. You will not be allowed to sleep with a blanket or a sheet. The cocklock must be visible upon demand. If I see a sheet or blanket over my cock while sleeping, I will send a buzz to your messenger which is on at all times. Better yet, if you are hooked to a remote electro box, I will send a ring to your cell phone to shock you. This program will go on as negotiated, and if you work outside the home, that will be taken into consideration. If I see you engaged in illicit stroking without a cocklock, you will be given more days in the device. Chronic abusers will simply be dismissed.

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