A Ticket A Gasket? What’s that In That Basket?

No really, tell me slut – what you got in that basket for me? On closer examination, it looks like you are happy to see me. Look when I poke there.


I do love to hear you groan like that! What’s the matter precious? Are you having trouble keeping up with your daily assignments? I’d bet hard cash- that your Rest Room rubbing is making you suffer horribly today.

Good! Maybe this time, the Lesson will stick.

How long has it been slut, since you were allowed to touch it, someplace besides a bathroom? Almost 2 weeks?

13 days of Punishment so far, for breaking your word to your Mistress. Your balls must be so full, that you are walking funny. I wonder if your Boss has noticed your frequent trips to the Men’s Room, or how much longer it will be before she pulls you into her office, to have a talk about productivity.

Almost a fortnight of pulling and milking and no relief for your aching balls must be so frustrating. Jerking and repeating your new mantra – It is easier to get permission than forgiveness – Miss Viv knows best.

Just one more day left on the books for you. One more day of stroking with your left fist and your finger up your ass, 10 times, every time you hit the head. Dangling your sorry meat over the commode and whispering out your penance.

Only 24 little hours – before you call to try once again, to be back in my good graces. Need some brownie points? Click the banner and see what you can do before your next call, which may your only way to see some mercy.

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