Welcome to my darkside, little submissive sluts. You’re so eager to play a game, I can feel your body throbbing with anticipation. So you’ve having a good time tweaking your weasel today? You’re thinking perhaps I’ll allow you to stroke it, too. Maybe, just maybe, you’re right, though I rather doubt it will be anywhere near as pleasant as what you’ve been doing alone. You’ll need some things for this assignment, so prepare to gather them. You’ll need eight binder clamps from the office supply store, some cinnamon oil and olive oil (mix them half and half to avoid a chemical burn), some fine grit sandpaper and a thick buttplug.

First, let’s start with your nipples. Pinch them, hard, HARDER! Don’t go easy, you know that I wouldn’t. Roll them between your fingertips while pinching them. Now take the sandpaper and gently remove that fine layer of skin off the tip of your nipple. Now rub some of our cinnamon concoction all over the tips and clamp them both off with two of the binder clamps. Coat the length of the buttplug with the cinnamon oil and slide it deep up inside your ass. Sit down on it hard and don’t remove it for any reason. Now let’s move down to the MEAT of the subject, your pathetic cock.

You strive so much for satisfaction. Perhaps I’ll allow it… IF you follow my next orders explicitly and painfully. Grip your shaft and tug, make that prick nice and hard. Now slap it, back and forth, back and forth until it’s throbbing and aching. Now squeeze your balls tightly. Take the remainder of the clamps and attach them to your nutsack. Yes, it will hurt, but if you want an orgasm, you’ll do it. Now take the sandpaper back up and coat it with the cinnamon lube, gritty side of course. Make it into a little wrap and stroke yourself raw with it. With each stroke, the sandpaper will abrade your dick allowing for the cinnamon to burn rawly. Stroke yourself until it gets to much for you… then click below to find out if you get some reward for your efforts…

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