Hi there subby sluts… I’m in the mood for a bit of pain play tonight, are you? See, there’s a sadistic bitch mistress who lives inside my sultry, southern, devious Mistress… my true evil twin. She wants to turn you into a painslut, to hear you moan and beg, writhing in pleasure/pain, wanting, needing more, but dreading the next stroke. And not only completely at my mercy will do. I require a healthy dose of humiliation as well. How does that sound, manwhore? You’ll need some implements to soothe the raging sadist tonight. Bring your A game, boys, masochistic and submissive to the hilt, willing to follow any painful order… and take it through to the bittersweet end.

You’ll need clothepins or nipple clamps, several large rubber bands, a wooden pencil (unsharpened), a dog bowl, a box of minute rice and a spiky doormat. Additionally, you’ll need a spanking implement like a hard backed hairbrush, large paint stirrer, a proper paddle or to separate the sluts from the wannabes? Well, the real sluts will have a ratan or lucite cane OR a large round paddle with holes bored so as to cause optimum blister and burn. You’ll also need a smaller paddle for your ball smacking, choose wisely, there’s lots of strokes coming. Extra points for having a large buttplug or for more humiliation, a large pepperoni from the grocery store. Got your toys together, bitch? Good, let’s dance fucktard!

Strip naked and insert your ass toy. If you choose the pepperoni, make sure you drill through it and hook a string so you don’t lose it. Take your doggie bowl and open up your fridge. Take every condiment out and squirt a healty portion of each into the bowl. Now get into your spice rack and do the same. Mix it up. Extra points if you add a can of dog or catfood to the mix. Sit is down on the floor in front of your play area. Open up the box of rice and dump it on the floor in front of you. Immediately behind you, place the spiky doormat. The goal here is either you’re kneeling on the hard kernels or sitting your ass flat against the doormat.

Kneel in the rice or sit on the matt, either way, I don’t mind, it serves my purpose. Take the rubber bands, one around your nuts, one around the base of your cock. Now place one pin on each nipple and fit as many as possible around your nut sack. Time for your spanking, not-so numb nuts! Take the smaller spanker and attack those ripe, swollen grapes. Spank your sack 20 times, hard. Then do the same to each inner thigh whilst sitting back on your matt. Now lean over so you’re kneeling on the rice with your face in your dog bowl. Take the cane or paddle, twenty licks on the right cheek, then twenty on the left while your eating your dinner. Now stand up and stroke yourself to the edge, stop and repeat the process. You should complete five cycles of pain, more pain, then pleasure in your filthy little wankathon. At the end, your bowl should be empty… click below to find out if your sad little sack will be as well, nasty little paintoy!

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