Hello pathetic losers are you surprised to see me here at Domination Boot camp? I bet you thought I was too sweet and nice to be here. I know you all look for dangerous mean mistresses and think oh Cassidy is just a sweet little California girl who wouldn’t really hurt me.

Well you’d be wrong. Have you never pissed off a spoiled bratty princess? I don’t deal well with not getting my way and all you pathetic losers standing around with your cocks in your hands make me sick. You deserve to be punished just for thinking any woman would want your nasty cock anywhere near her. So that’s what you are going to get.


First of all you will need a few things. Well really just one thing a tens unit, violet wand. And you only need one attachment the long thin probe, because I don’t care about torturing your stupid ass, you can shove whatever you want up there. I’m here to make sure your pitiful little penis never forgets that I’m not someone you want to disappoint.

Slip that probe into the hole at the tip of your cock and shove. It’ll fit up there and look how nice and hard it makes that pathetic member look.  I bet this is the longest sustained hard on you’ve had in awhile.  Got it in? Good. Now flip that tens unit on and don’t turn it off until you’ve counted to twenty nice and slow.

By the way loser, did you cover that thing in lube? You better have and made sure it’s water based or you’ll get a third degree burn on your cock and no sympathy from me. It’s not my fault you were too stupid to do it right.

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