So the little slave boy wants to cum today.

Here’s the next lesson in your training – What a slave wants means nothing… what the dominatrix wants means everything.

In fact, a better way to put it would be – What the dominatrix wants is the only thing that matters.

As a slave, the only thing you should want is to serve your Mistress, see to her every need, make sure she is happy, and be as pleasing as possible as you do it.

Repeat that to yourself… burn it into your brain… that plus absolute obedience are the mantras of your existence.

Lets make it a bit more clear to you, shall we…

You are not going to cum today… but not only aren’t you going to cum, you are not to touch that cock at all.

Nothing… not even when piss… you leave it alone.

It’s not yours… not for your pleasure… and what you want to do with it means nothing.

I want you to spend at least 4 hours today totally naked… looking at the hottest femdom BDSM porn you can find. Femdom stories are good too. You will watch and read all of it… and not touch that cock a single bit no matter how bad it begs to be stroked.

During those 4 hours, you are to say the following out loud a total of 120 times… 30 times an hours –

~ I only want to serve my Mistress… to see to her every need… make sure she is happy… and be as pleasing as possible as I do it.  All that matters is what she wants, and I will give her my absolute obedience in all things. ~

Memorize it… repeat it to yourself even more if need be, until you can say it without having to read the words.

Tomorrow, you are to speak those words aloud, without reading them… close your eyes and do it. If you can say them from memory on the first try, then you may click the link below.

Otherwise, you do not get to touch that cock again today… and you must repeat all else commanded in this assignment… watch 4 hours of BDSM porn… say those words 120 times… and no cock touching at all.

The next day you can try to say it aloud without reading once again. One chance only, or you start over again.

You will repeat this assignment over and over, day after day, until you have those words memorized.

When you can say them from memory… you may click the link below.

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