Email to Mistress Sarah from a troubled habitual cock stroker who has no control:

“Mistress, are you there?  I am so desperate.  I can not stop touching myself.  I have stroked my cock until it is raw.   I can’t stop touching myself.  I have already cum 5 times today.  I can’t stop listening to your audios.  Every time I talked to you in private message I get too excited to control myself.  I explode as soon as you say hello to me.  I’m writing you in hopes that you can help a guy like me.  I think I need chastity training.  I am out of control.  I always listen to your audios and read your stories about orgasm denial.  The thought of you denying me turns me on.”

Does this sound familiar to you?  If so then we have a problem.  Perhaps you can start off by calling me.  It does you no good to just think about serving me.  You will find much greater satisfaction in serving me by taking that step to total cock ownership.  You can’t control it but I can my pet.

I might do to you what I did to the boy toy who wrote me that email I shared with you all.  For two months now I have not denied him once.  I have not even allowed him to pleasure of a little tease and denial like I do to others.  He keeps begging for denial.  I knew that if I came on too strong that he would merely run away.  He’s begging pathetically for my cruelty.  Boy toy, you must earn it.

Is it cruel of me to deny this slut the pleasurable experience of tasting my true sadistic nature?  Of course I am very cruel.  Don’t worry though boy toys.  Those of you reading this are next.  Come into my World.  Open up your mind.  Confess all of your naughty secrets to me.

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