The other night my regular boy toy called me on the phone for some truth or dare cock stroking games.  The sound of my voice seemed to put chills down this boy’s spine by the sound of it as soon as I greeted him.  Our last session was shared with you all in a previous entry.  Most of his sessions are done as a texting session.  The oppurtunity to speak to me live on the phone is very rare for this tease and denial boy toy.  He confessed some pretty hot and steamy fantasies less than a week ago to me.  I started to elaborate on this with my truth or dare questions.  I first asked him how much he stroked and how many times he came when he read my last blog entry about him.  He told me that he played with himself 3 times that day and exploded all over himself.  What is it about seeing me write about you?   I continued through our guided masturbation session but learned a few new things about my stroker boy.  He confessed to me that he was fantasizing about a 2 girl call.  He begged that I teach another Mistress how to control him and we take turns teasing his cock.  I gave him visuals of us taking turns sitting on his face while the other kept stroking his cock.  Keeping him on edge while he begs for release and we just laugh sadisticly.  Perhaps I’ll kiss her in front of him and not give him a taste.  We will both use him to get off then make him beg for his own release repeatedly.  Until finally at the end of our session stroker boy almost lost his load then I allowed him release with this new visuals of cock teasing.  Through the session was filled with sensual hints and followed by a teasing question.  His strokes were few and far between since I only use one dice for each dare.

I bet he creams himself when he reads this.  I also think many of you will cream yourselves reading this about my session with him.  You are all naughty boys and should be punished.

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