Subspace is something I have talked about before but it is time to explain what subspace is in greater detail.  Understanding subspace is very important for any dominant partner. I talked about how a submissive and dominant partner can help the submissive partner find his subspace.  I elaborated on what it is, what causes a person to go there, and what happens while a submissive partner is in this mental state.

Check out Find Your Subspace with Mistress Sarah

Today I will go a bit further in your training of pain.  If you are an extreme pain slut or need to be broken I will instinctively keep you out of the subspace.  Once you go there then your pain tolerance threshold increases dramatically.  I will switch things up constantly so the submissive partner’s mental state will not have time to adapt.  Now I will constantly keep you aware of your pain that I am inflicting on you.  This increases my sadistic pleasure and increases the torture the submissive partner will endure.  I do not necessarily commonly practice this with all of my slaves.  In fact I tend to do so with the very experiences pain sluts and the slaves who truly need to be broken.  I, as the Dominant Partner must decide what is best.

If pain is your pleasure then you understand completely what I mean.  It takes an attentive Mistress to understand your mental state.  I will keep you completely under my control.  I will make you think it doesn’t hurt quite yet then snap you back to reality and let the tears come pouring down from the torture.

My favorite forms of physical pain to inflict on a slave are nipple torture, spanking, cock and ball torture, hard core tease and denial, anal torture, and humiliation.  It is a prosperous relationship when a slave gets pleasure out being tortured by me.  This fulfills my sadistic nature.  Remember not all Domination is about the hard core whips and chains.  Pain can be a punishment and a reward.  Your pain can be something as simple as hot candle wax being dripped down your nipple as I pinch and tease them.  Ice rubbed on your balls as I tease your cock continuously.  Slaps to the cock here and there to keep you going longer.

Explore your Fetish with your Mistress Sarah.  I will strip you down and take you over the edge.

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