We’re going to have fun tonight, you and I.  We’re going to play a game  one that I think you’ll enjoy more than any other game we’ve played before.   You said to me once that you like playing on the edge  that you enjoy the rush that comes from knowing you are out on the very tip of what some people would consider normal  even sane.  Pleasing me by enduring something truly wicked  and I’ve come up with something even you might find difficult.
I want you to go into the kitchen and come back to me with the sharpest paring knife you can find  that’s right  the really small, pointed one that you would use to skin an apple.  Can’t imagine what I’d want with that?  Ohh  go on and try  I can wait.  While you’re thinking, you might want to grab some lube while you’re at it  I want this to be as authentic as possible.  Have you thought of it yet?  You haven’t?  Then you aren’t being creative enough  you aren’t really FEELING it.
I want you to lube up that cock of yours  that’s right  nice and slick  and I want you to use your other hand to press that knife tip against your head  just the very edge  that’s it  now  little traces just using the tip  sliding back and forth along the shaft  tickling as best you can  There we go  nice long strokes.

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