Small dick contest

Since I have been getting a rash of small dick calls lately – you know, men with little dicks who love to be humiliated, and many of you do call through the phone service –  What I would like to see coming through my e-mail is some pictures of small penises and I’d like for you to call Me and I can tell you if it’s the smallest I have seen or not regarding the pictures recently sent to me.  Plus, I’d love the opportunity to make fun of your cock any way I can!  I can also see your tiny cock on cam too during sessions. So what I am proposing is this – I want to make a judgement on who has the tiniest penis.  It’s just for my own personal entertainment. So send your pictures, send me your cam and then call Me – and I will tell you what I think.

I’m sure if you are married or in a relationship, it would come as no surprise that your wife or girlfriend is out fucking other men with much bigger cocks, right?

So send me your pictures to, or fire up your cam. I’m on yahoo at mistress_cecilia_dominates.   Then, give me a call and I will tell you exactly what I think of your little tiny useless pecker, and if I think it’s the smallest or not.  I look forward to seeing a bunch of your small useless cocks coming across my e-mail inbox!

Domination with Ms. Cecilia 800-61-6975