Before todays domination session you may have to take a trip to the adult toy store and pick up a few items that you will need. First you will want a butt plug and a huge, true to life size dildo complete with testacles. Also a belt, cock/ball gag, ball stretchers (with weights) penis plug, remote control vibrating bullet or egg and lube. For those of you who are “penis challenged” a penis pump would be in order. Once you have all your goodies together I want you to dim the lights and light a couple candles. Create an atmosphere as though I was there with you. Remove all clothing now grunt! Pump penis if necessary and pull my picture up on computer. Place ball/cock gag in mouth and around head. Pick up belt and crack that ass for me doing three sets of ten on each butt cheek. Now you know I’m not fucking around. Next beat those balls with belt, twenty per testacle. Don’t whimper just do it! Pick up candle and drip two drips on each nipple and nut. Apply ball stretcher and weights, insert butt plug and walk around room for five minutes. Remove ball gag and grab dildo. Make love to it with your mouth private for the next ten minutes. Insert penis plug into pee hole, bring dildo up to penis and begin humping like a fiend for the next ten minutes. Remove butt plug and insert bullet/egg and turn remote to high speed. Continue humping dildo for five more minutes. If you were able to carry out this mission without fucking up you may now click below and listen to my message to you!

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