A little cock and ball torture (CBT) on a cold winter night will help you keep nice and warm, don’t you think? First of all, to experiment with the heat factor in your CBT session – you need to get some icy hot, and also get a candle. Also, have a wooden spoon.  First off, you need to take that icy hot and slather it all over your cock – heating it up nicely. Edge yourself, no matter what. Then, you may wipe it off with a towel. After you have done so, light up a candle and as you are waiting for the candle wax to form – make sure you edge yourself to cum a couple of more times.  Once you have done that, and there is plenty of wax – go ahead and drip the wax all over your cock from the tip to the shaft. Take your time, do it slowly – one drop at a time. Once you have done that, then take the wooden spoon and start smacking your cock until all the wax is completely gone.

Then you need to think on the fact that I may not let you cum at all. Even after all of that, I may not let you at all!  But for now, I want you to put both hands on and start stroking some more – start edging that cock over and over again. Make it to where you need to get so close to cumming, and then stop! Do this several times.

Then give me a call to get your final instructions!

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