Chocolate is for CBT Lovers

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I’ve whipped up a bad ass assignment for you CBT lovers, or cock and ball torture.   Since V Day is the language of lovers, I love to torture balls, and I love to torture a cock.  How do I do this?  Especially on such a sappy holiday like Valentine’s Day?  Well, hold on to your cupid’s bitches.

First off – get a rose with plenty of thorns. Go to your local florist and specifically ask for  a type of rose with big thorns – I’m thinking the American Beauty. Then, march your cock and balls over to the grocery store and buy chocolate that is used for baking.  Also, pick up a candle for that romantic adventure I’m about to send you on.

After you have done all that – go home, light the candle and let the wax start collecting. Also, melt the chocolate in a pot. Let the chocolate cool, but make sure it is not burning – make sure it is hot – as hot as the candle wax. You may have to put a temperature gauge in the pot to make sure it is not burning. Take your thorny rose and start scraping it over your cock and your balls – it can be as severe as you want it to be.  Take the candle wax, and start dripping it from the head and all the way back to the base of your cock. Slowly.  Then, take the chocolate sauce and drip it on your cock as well (stick your finger in and make sure it is not insanely hot).   Have fun torturing your cock the Valentine’s Day way!

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