Now is the time for the absolute in cock control: guided masturbation, orgasm denial, CBT, and finally (if I decide), cum eating.
The stroking will be guided in a variety of different strokes, some done on your knees. First I order you to start with a full fisted stroke, very lightly at first, then gaining in speed, producing the pre-cum that is most desirable. You will stop at the edge. The next stroke will be a tight fisted stroke as you lie on a pillow, fucking it and holding it tightly until the next edge. I may decide to flog your ass if I want. The next edge will be on the knees, barberpoling the cock that is well lubed with precum and lubricant. You will twist from the base to the head and back down again, again coming to an edge. The next stroke will be holding the cock with thumb and index finger using feathery light lubed strokes, paying close attentionto the nub under the head…come to an edge. The next and final is lying down on the back , holding the base with the left hand and polishing the head off in both directions until the edge is achieved. Cumming is denied.
The next game is CBT with metal clothespins, a violet wand, a parachute harness, and various weights to be attached to the harness. First the parachute harness will be attached. Weights are added little by little and the small metal clothespins are put on one by one, on the vein underside of the cock. More clothespins are added anywhere the cock has give, as many as possible. More weight is added to the harness. Next the violet wand is tracing the metal clothespins, turn it up to high. Add more weight to the harness untill all of the weights are used, or until you are at your limit. If I were there, I would take a riding crop and move the weights around, slapping them until you cry out in pain.
Now at this point you are at your limit. We remove the hardware and that cock is sore and in need of a reward. Depending on the program, you may do a final stroke, edge, and finally denial. If the program is decided that you do indeed cum, I will make you do various strokes as in the beginning before I allow it. Then you will cum in a bowl and lick it up like a dog. You will amuse me for the reward!

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