Hello there little submissives! Today I want to discuss how you can improve your control. I know you masturbate a lot, but you’ve been touching yourself on autopilot with one goal only… your own selfish pleasure. I’m sure you approach sex with the same mindset, getting inside and getting off. You squirt too quickly when inside a warm, wet pussy and you fail your partner on every level. We’re going to work on that, on extending the length of time between your orgasms. Trust me, your partner will love you for it… and if you haven’t a partner? Well, you’ll find that these exercises will help you pleasure yourself more throughourly and effecitvely.

First, I want you to get a large bottle of water and drink it all down. When you feel as if you need to pee, go ahead and go to the john. I want you to start your stream, pee a bit and then stop midstream. You do this by squeezing your kegal muscles, you know the ones you clamp down upon when you have to go really bad? Squeeze the muscles tight and stop the flow. Hold for a ten count and then begin again. Once again, stop and wait for a ten count. Do this until your bladder is empty. You’ve found your kegal muscles so you can do this at your leisure. While at work, grip those muscles tight under your desk and hold for a ten count. Do this over and over. While you think the penis isn’t a muscle, gaining fine control of your kegal muscles will effect the rigidity of your prick and clamping down while you’re nearing orgasm will help you gain control.

Now that you’ve had a bit of practice, I want you to masturbate for me. Tie your balls back with a length of stocking. If you like, bind the base of your cock as well. Now stroke. Stroke hard and fast up to the edge of cumming. Now stop and squeeze your kegal muscles. Wait for a count of ten and stroke some more. Each time you near the edge, clamp down on your muscles. Do this over and over until you can’t stand it anymore… then listen to my audio to learn what I intend for you to do with that full set of balls.

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