I have been asked quite often what it takes to earn the privelage to be mentioned in my blog.  It depends on how well you entertain me.  For instance, I just got off of the phone with a tease and denial fetish caller with a very sexy voice.  He is very curtious and knows how I love to hear begging.  He is open with me about his fantasies.  This also made the session hotter.  He told me that he fantasizes about me tying him up naked to my bed.  I then strip slowly in front of him.  He imagines me sucking his dick and not letting him cum.  I tease his dick with oral.  He keeps my evil smile and voice in his mind while he strokes.  Then he added how he thinks about me putting my pussy right in front of his face but not let him lick it.  The thought of seeing me play with myself but not giving him the pleasure of doing so is a big turn on for him.  That is a very hot cock tease fantasy if you ask me.  So I kept feeding his fantasy about me more about giving him extra visuals during our session.  I rewarded his confession by incorporating it into our guided masturbation teasing torturous fun.

Of course it takes a lot to impress me.  I talk to thousands of men a year.  So please get to work if you wish to stand out in a crowd.  I control hundreds upon thousands of cocks.  I have always loved a gentelman.  Let us appreciate each other shall we.  You shall be the willing and devoted submissive male ready to serve the Dominant and Beautiful Mistress Sarah.

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