Dear Mistress Sarah,

I’m writing to you because I need your training.  I’m a naughty sissy who can not stop touching myself.  I can not seem to stop.  I masturbate constantly.  I catch myself touching my naughty self at least 6 to 7 times a day.  It has gotten much worse now since I am wearing panties all of the time.  I have been reading your blog for several months now.  I am very intrigued by your belief that a sissy should only take it like a girl if I want to be a girl.  I want to be trained to only take it like a girl.  Chastity training seems the only way to put me in my place.  I want you to own me please Mistress.  You are so beautiful.  I can not seem to stop.  Please make me endure cruel orgasm denial while you lock up my little useless clitty.  My girl friend just broke up with me because I could not satisfy her.  She commented that I must be a queer because I can not satisfy a woman with my little clit stick.  Now I am fantasizing about sucking cock.  Perhaps if you lock me up you can make me do it.  I am so turned on with forced bi.

Devotedly and submissively yours,

sissy clit stick nancy boy

Just how small is your little sissy clit stick nancy boy?  I think a chastity belt will look so cute on that little clitty of yours.  How ever, you must take that step and devote yourself to me.  We can’t do that if you never call.  I can assure you that a session with me is much greater than even reading my blog or hearing my audios.  I know a naughty sissy like you must listen to my audios when you play with yourself too much.  You are a naughty girl but you will learn.  I will enjoy dressing you up in cute little outfits for me and make you prance around.  I’ll break you in with my strap on.  I’ll make you promise to suck cock for me just to earn your orgasms.

Now be a good girl and call me.

Call Mistress Sarah for Sissy Training and Chastity Training Phone Sex 1-800-356-6169