As soon as you knew what happened to you what did you do?   The feeling over whelmed you as soon as you learned about orgasm denial training. You immediately felt turned on by the thought of a beautiful Mistress controlling your cock all the way down to when you are allowed to release.  You could not stop yourself.  You started to watch Tease and Denial Videos while you stroked yourself close to orgasm over and over.  The stroking and constant horniness was more pleasurable in your mind than the actual orgasm itself.  Afraid to be too open about this new found obsession of yours you decided to call up a Phone Sex Mistress specializing in Cock Control.  You read every bio and found mine.  For some reason you knew right away you would give yourself to Mistress Sarah.

This is the journey of a submissive boy toy and how he found his way serving me.  What happens when a man calls me up for the first time a virgin so to speak.  He has never given up total control of his cock to a woman as of yet.  He only acted out in this in his visual mind inflicting the tease torture on himself.

My voice ripped through him seductively opening up his will as he handed it to me.  I made him give himself to me in a matter of minutes pleading to serve me.  He was forth coming, open, and honest about his desires.

Control the cock!  Control the boy!  Is is not so obvious how weak men are when you are around a woman who knows how to control you.

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