I have switched my schedule my pets.  I am back to day shift how ever still have to post my new schedule here on my blog.  Please check back often for updates.  This week has been very eventful and I wonder what the next will hold in store for me.  I have had the opportunity to get some new sluts for sissy training and forced bi training.  Several of the cock sucking whores even called me up on the phone when they were sucking cock so I can hear what little sissy fagots they really are.  There are still some of you whores who owe me a session so I can listen to you being a slut with a real cock.  It was so fucking hot listening to my last sissy slurping on this guy’s cock.  She gave him the phone and he had such a sexy voice.  He told me what a good fag my sissy whore was.

I find such pleasure when I can exploit your darkest desires and make you act on them for me.  Now, there are a few of you out there who would never actually act on these forced bi desires but that is what role play is for.  I’ve gotten so realistic with one caller of mine with the forced bi role play that he often tries to stop it and state what he would do in reality.  I scold him with a spanking and tell him to not get out of character.  Each of us live our real life but your fantasies should be allowed to come out from time to time.  Be it for real or just a fantasy session it’s a very releasing and pleasurable experience.

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