Okay, I’m not going to sit here all night and wait for you to get settled. You want to jerk off? Then get that cock out right now. No wasting my time… this isn’t a free service done for your enjoyment, I write these things because I like to boss men like you around… so do as you’re told.

On your knees… I want you completely naked, cock out and ready, and down on your knees where you belong. I’m not in a nice mood and you’re going to be my punching bag, slave boy, so get you’re shit moving or I’ll plant all 6 inches of this stiletto heel up your lazy fat ass.

Now stroke… head up, shoulders back, right hand wrapped around cock… stroke. I want an even rhythm set at 2 strokes per second… keep up the pace mister, or you’ll learn just what kind of cruel punishment I can come up with when a slacker pisses me off… and I don’t mean the kind of femdom punishment that your shit bags get off on.

I want 5 minutes of steady cock stroking just like that… don’t you even think about an orgasm… just stroke that prick like you’re told… 2 times a second, 120 times a minute, 600 times total.

Now drop down to the floor… you heard me, I want you face down all the way flat. You’re a miserable worm, aren’t you? Answer me shithead, tell me you’re a fucking miserable worm. Yeah, I know that’s what you are… a pathetic insect… now fuck the floor for me. That’s right, lift your ass up and fuck the floor… wiggle like the dirty worm you are. Keep going… I want you to show that floor a good time, give it some nice hard thrusts for the next 2 minutes like the perverted loser you are.

Up… get back up on your knees. Shoulders back and head up… hand back on your cock and stroke! 5 more minutes just like before… no orgasm… don’t even get close to the edge. You feel yourself anywhere close to an orgasm you stop stroking and say – “a pathetic worm doesn’t deserve to cum” over and over until the flith goes back down inside you where it belongs. 5 minutes of stroking like that, slave boy.

Back down on the floor… start humping again, worm… 3 minutes this time, the floor loves your cock rubbing up against it. Yeah, you might not know how to fuck a woman, but you sure do give good floor ~laughs~.

Get back up again… faster idiot, and start stroking, just like before. This time I want you to drive yourself as fast as you can, right up to the edge of an orgasm and then click the link below –

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