I like to make guided masturbation more interesting and entertaining for me during a session.  I do this especially with a new caller.  I mean what fun is there in just telling me what you want and start letting you stroke under my direction right away.  I start with what satisfies me first before I let you even stroke for me.  Half the time I catch them already stroking even when they know how strict I am.  I get the common excuse that they were too horny to resist.  We both already know you have very little control.  So, let’s get busy boy toy.  Now, first you will ask me politely to please take total control of your cock and ask for me to control when you are allowed to orgasm.  After I am satisfied with that I will then make you beg to touch your cock.  I get pleasure from you showing me how much you need it.  When you beg I demand you do it right.  That’s it now be a good boy and beg for me.

Once I allow you to stroke for me I then start with the tease and denial.  Depending on what kind of mood I am in though.  Sometimes I take you there hard and fast right away.  Other times I might take it nice and slow.  You will antsipate every edge and every stroke.  Along the way I might make you earn your strokes with confessions.  So, start confessing your naughty stroking addiction to me like a good boy toy.

How often do you stroke your cock?  How often do you orgasm?  What do you usually do or think of while you stroke?

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