Chastity domination is the assignment I love the most. This will require an Exobelt device, a Prince Albert piercing, and a small tattoo in my honor. What is better than a tattoo is a branding somewhere on the body, but whatever we decide, it will say “property of The Dicktator”.
First things first. You order the device after a negotiation period, after you have gained trust in me, and after I have decided that you will be a cock locked slave. Then you will put in the order which takes several weeks. In the meantime you will have had that dick pierced already, giving the piercing time to heal. This can take several months. The piercing will remind you of me between calls and it will make you think twice before you stroke it or even touch it. I may just deny you touching it at all. I may forbid it.
Now the device has arrived. You will ritually shave all of that hair off of that cock and ball area. You will repeat over and over, “The Dicktator owns this worthless cock, she owns my body and my soul. I exist solely for her ultimate amusement. She is my Mistress, she is my liberator, she is my alpha and my omega”. Like an insane and obsessed bitch that you are, after 3 weeks of lockup, you will be reciting this like a mantra and you will also repeat over and over ” Mistress always wins, Mistress always wins…..”
You will lock up on webcam for me and immediately send the keys. I will keep the keys, all four of them, and I will make it a mystery as to when I will return them. I reserve the right to check you on cam at any time of day, and if you are not available I will give an infraction like extra mystery days added to your captivity, as if you know how much that will be. I simply observe you carefully and decide the release date.
After the program is completed, then it’s time to have you branded or tattooed, and branded you will be by a Mistress friend of mine who is a brander , piercer, and tattooer. Does this sound like a program that intrigues you? Would you like to hear this essay recorded with more tease added? The be sure to sign up for our premium audios at . To start the program look at my site
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