Last night I played the stroker game with one of my favorite guided masturbation sluts.  We had a very enjoyable texting session.  Unfortunately he had to wait until I got off of the phone but as soon as I got off we started to play the stroker game of truth or dare.  I am intriguied as always about his masturbation fantasies.  He is a very visual and descriptive man.  We always play truth or dare.  With every truth of course I ask him an intimate question about his masturbation kinks and fantasies.  Lately more of his fantasies involve thoughts about me.  He told me that his masturbation has doubled since our last call.  He can’t stop thinking about me.  With every dare I roll the dice and he gets to stroke.  I use an electronic game dice online with only one dice.   I love how frustrated he gets when I roll a low number.

He is not allowed to cum unless he earns it.  He has earned one during every session.  He is not into orgasm denial training but loves being teased.  So I take his desires and exploit them with great pleasure.  I make him beg for strokes and his orgasm.  I enjoy know that I inspire his fantasies.  It also gives me more control over him.  I am under this stroker sluts skin for sure.  He also gets turned on when I write about him.  How much you want to bet he will be stroking as soon as he reads this.

I wonder how many of you wish I would write about you.  To know that you made an impression on a woman such as myself.  Some of you like it as a major turn on and others enjoy it for the humiliation addiction.

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