I trained one of my pets to become to addicted to me no matter how much he tries he can not cum without permission.  His training started with a private message before his first call.  He wanted orgasm denial training.  He tried his first session with me and it lasted about 1 1/2 hours.  So for 1 1/2 hours he received guided masturbation with some major tease and denial.  I taught what it means to edge.  Edging is when you are brought close to orgasm.  Think of it as if you are standing at the edge of the cliff but not allowed to take that plunge.  The plunge is the allowed released orgasm.    He edged over and over again.  Towards the end of his first session he begged like a broken slave to be allowed his orgasm.  I did not let him do so.

Later the next week he called me for another session.  Just like before he left it up to me whether or not he would be allowed an orgasm.  This time I allowed him to have an amazing orgasm.  I gave him a taste at what it means to hear me give him permission.  The very next day he emailed me to commend me on how addicted he was to me.  He strokes and strokes but still can’t cum without my permission.  He is learning that his orgasm belongs to me his Mistress.

Your dick belongs to me but there is much more to it than that.  Every stroke is a privilege because I own all of you.  Your orgasm belongs to me as well.  This pleasure I am allowing you to feel is mine as well.

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