I hope everyone had a Happy Thankgsgiving!  Did you express to your Mistress what you have to be thankful for?  I am happy to say that many of you have been good boys and did send me a message wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving.  To all of you boy toys and you know who you are right back at you.  I did have a great Thanksgiving yesterday.

Now, I did take calls yesterday.  It seems a lot of you sissy sluts were very busy serving me.  All of you had your toys, paddles, and floggers ready to go during the session.  Every last one was dressed up in pretty panties, bra, thigh high stockings, and high heels ready to be used and abused.  Yesterday I changed my method of executing the spanking order a bit more comparable to my personal style though.  Instead of having the sluts count off I counted for them.  In between slaps to the ass they had to continuously rub their ass.  Think about you fucking whores.  If I spanked your naughty ass you would never know when the next wack was coming.  Every last slut loved this.  Sissy Training of naughty sissies involves lots of use and abuse.  Each of you naughty girls need spankings.  Every last one had to worship my strap on like a proper slut and beg for penetration.  Nothing like hearing a helplessly horny sissy begging for more of that dildo when I only let them fuck themselves with the first 2 inches.  They all want to take the entire strap on in their pussy ass.

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